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Here is where you will find the links to some of the best Doberman puppies for sale available anywhere! We can ship our Doberman puppies Nationwide. Is your home ready for a Doberman puppy? Click here for tips on getting ready for your new Doberman puppy

Please read about our Doberman puppy philosophy here

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Doberman Puppy Supply Store

Welcome to the kennel! Here is where you will find the Doberman puppies we currently have available. All our Doberman puppies come with a health and temperament guarantee. We want you to have the right Doberman puppy for your needs. Doberman Puppy pictures, links etc are placed after our philosophy link, like milk in the grocery store, I hope you will go through the information before you get there!

We feed and recommend Life's Abundance diet for all Family Dobes Dobermans ask us why!

Although we have a health and temperament policy on our puppies we recommend you consider health insurance for them just as you would for your children. We have seen so many cases where this can be a huge financial saving over the life of the puppy.

*Also if you have not trained very many dogs, especially dogs with high drive, you really ought to consider some of our available resources. Doberman puppies can be a handful to raise but they are so worth it.

Many people ask us all the time about some training resources, and our forum is one great place to start, we also have phone and email which many people have taken advantage of, and now we have partnered with a friend of mine that I used to train with (I have trusted him even with my own dogs in the past) who offers some online training courses many of you may find very helpful. His courses are much cheaper than private lessons, and you will see some good results. Try it out and see what you think! Why do we train? Not just because it is cute or convenient to have a trained dog around, we train because we have to challenge and stimulate the puppy brain, and obedience and control are the primary factors that establish the pack order, that is to say that we are Alpha and the dog is not. There is nothing more important in dog ownership, especially with high drive powerful dogs such as European Doberman Pinschers. If you are not the Alpha in the pack, the dog will be and that is not a good situation for dog or people. You must be the pack leader, and you must do training to establish that.

"Of course in a real family children don't just naturally sit around behaving themselves nicely and saying please and thank you. Children have to be obedience trained too" Temple Grandin

Online training Now!

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Current Litters:

Family Dobes "Justice" from this pairing:

Family Dobes Alluring Riva IPO2 X IABCA INT Puppy CH Leo Betelges Born 04/25/2015

Enzo Betelges x LADY TAYRA VON WOLF STAMM Born 05/20/2015
Family Dobes AR Remington x Family Dobes "Gretta" Born 05/22/2015

Family Dobes Best Gamble "Zuke" x Family Dobes AR Remington Born 06/22/2015

Tequila Betelges x Family Dobes AR Remington Born 08/19/2015


Upcoming Litters:

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            Watch for more great litters to come!

Watch for our great upcoming litters! We also have some great trained dogs available here!

    Deposits are not refundable. A Deposit holds your place in line for a particular litter. And is gender and color specific. It is 100% transferable to another litter.

       Balances must be paid when the puppy is 5 weeks old

To Make a Doberman Puppy reservation call 801-615-0249 OR

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