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Many people ask us all the time about some training resources, and our forum is one great place to start, we also have phone and email which many people have taken advantage of, and now we have partnered with a friend of mine that I used to train with (I have trusted him even with my own dogs in the past) who offers some online training courses many of you may find very helpful. His courses are much cheaper than private lessons, and you will see some good results. Try it out and see what you think!

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We also have a detailed training section in our E-Book/smartphone app

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We are also certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R Puppy Evaluators (AKC CGC) We have ongoing classes and testing in the Utah county area.

If you are looking for a great place to send your dog for boarding and advanced training we recommend you work with people we already have a relationship with and have had a good experience with. Beginning through Advanced training for all disciplines

    If you are looking into getting a Doberman Puppy, one of the things you really need to consider is what your training program for the Doberman puppy will be. You have taken a lot of time to research your new Doberman puppy, you have taken time to prepare for the Doberman puppy's arrival, and you have settled on getting the best Doberman you can, so continue all of that wise preparation and create a training plan now, and stick to it. Dobermans are very dependant on their relationship with people. Dobermans want to please you. Dobermans want to have a job. Once your Doberman learns what you want from them, your Doberman will break through brick walls to make you happy. The problem comes in situations without structure and training. Dobermans are so eager to work and please you, that when you fail to give them a job, or teach them what you want from them, you will find your Doberman creating jobs to keep busy, and typically those kind of jobs are not ones you are happy with. Doberman puppies can create fun jobs like unstuff all the pillows, or behead the stuffed animal collection. How about chew up the arm of that vicious and threatening couch? Dobermans can be eager to make playmates of other recruits in the house such as cats, parrots, or any other living thing. Those games include such things as seek and catch a Dobermans variation on hide and seek. It is important to know that your Doberman is not deliberately trying to make you angry. Your Doberman is trying to work and just wants you to teach them what you want. You know what they say about unwritten goals? They are merely wishes. Your written training plan for your Doberman puppy should include first a description of what the "Finished" Doberman looks like to you. Like Steven Covey teaches, you need to begin with the end in mind. I find having a clear picture of what my Doberman looks like when they are doing everything right gives me clearer direction on how to get there. Write down the steps you think it will take to get there, and consult with professional trainers if you are unsure. Our online Trainer Ty Brown has a long background in all types of training and can help point you the direction you need to go. You need to consider the appropriate age and attention span for each activity as you write your plan, after all you were not doing calculus in 1st grade either. Be reasonable in your expectations, be lenient when things are not going as fast with your Doberman puppy as you think they should, and be grateful when training with your Doberman puppy is going amazing. Begin with small tasks that you begin to chain together for complex tasks. Just as we say you should eat an elephant one bite at a time, you need to break things down into components with your Doberman puppy. Sending your Doberman out to get the morning paper for example is a combination of holding an object in their mouth without destroying it, retrieving, a send out command, a recall, giving up the object, and of course the reward. Your Doberman must get paid for their work if you want the work to continue they are just like you and I in that regard. Payment can come in many forms such as attention, treats, play, a favorite toy, praise etc. You need to find out what reward works best for your Doberman puppy and use that to your advantage.

    I believe a good place to start your written plan begins with Housetraining your Doberman puppy. Dobermans are inside dogs. Period. They are not suited to living out in the elements regardless of climate due to their coats, but more importantly your Doberman thrives on it's interaction with people. Dobermans are the only breed in history developed specifically for personal protection, and that changes their entire make-up. Many of the herding breeds for instance that were created for guarding livestock can revert to a feral state when left out with the flocks. They do fine. They do their job, and they are happy doing it. Dobermans however if left alone to guard the livestock would do their job well until they say there were no people to please, and then they would take off in search of the people. They need this interaction. Since your Doberman needs you and needs to be part of your life, and since you live indoors, it only makes sense to teach your Doberman to answer natures call out in nature, so they can live with you inside the home. There are many methods of housetraining, and most work with varying degrees of success. Our Online training modules cover some of the most common and effective ways of housetraining.

    Next on your written plan needs to be basic obedience skills with your Doberman,. You are going to be an ambassador for this regal breed, and since it is what we consider a high profile breed, you are going to be heavily scrutinized everywhere you go. It is up to you to make sure your Doberman is obedient and under control. You can not control everything that goes on around you (though I know many of you wish you could) but you do have control over how your Doberman will react to what goes on around you if you take the time to condition good obedience and focus with your Doberman. There is a distinction between competition style obedience and basic obedience. For people who are going to compete with their Doberman, I recommend using two different sets of commands since the behaviors though similar will be slightly different. For basic out and about manners, your Doberman will need to know how to walk on a loose leash, no pulling or straining at the end of it dragging you around on a walk :) They also need to know how to respond to leash corrections as well as verbal corrections. Your Doberman will need to know sit and down, stay and "Here"

    You can add special skills or advanced skills to your Doberman training plan based on what your "Finished" Doberman looks like to you, but please don't miss the chance to be successful with your new Doberman puppy by having a written plan that is reviewed, updated and followed.

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