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Protective Companions-Estate Guardians The trained adult Doberman Pinscher remains the best choice

Take a literal bite out of Crime!

If you are contacting us about Protection trained dogs, we need to know if you are in immediate danger! Dogs are an important part of your personal security system, but they are not the complete system. Here are some other things you need to be doing.

One concern of ours in this "modern" society we live in is all the violent crime that has been occurring. Especially crimes against children which fills all of us with grief and bewilderment. I worry for my wife and children when I am not there, as some of you must as well. Perhaps you are a single mother, or a victim of a violent crime yourself. I have found through time, experience and research a solution that works well for me. Statistics show mere dog ownership deters the majority of crime. Owning breeds such as Rotties, Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers etc. increases that deterrent effect. Studies further show a dog trained to bark to alert is the highest crime deterrent, and only in the most extreme cases are trained protection dogs ever actually required to bite. As I stated, I have a wife and kids, and they have friends and company. The last thing I want is a mean or aggressive Doberman. Our Dobermans must be safe around my own children as well as other peoples children. They need to be naturally protective, not aggressive. There is a huge difference, and there are dogs of both types out there. A naturally protective Doberman is safe, and effective, but not a liability. I find the ability of my Dobermans to track very helpful for finding my kids in a large neighborhood at the end of the day to tell them it is time to come home! This summer there were a few local crimes though that still just have me sick to my stomach every time I think about it. A seven year old girl was sent outside to cool off after fighting with her parents. A neighbor lured her over to his home. Once inside she began to scream and he covered her mouth until she passed out. The rest of the details are so horrific, I won't share them. The story ended after several weeks when the girls body was finally recovered. These horrible things are happening all to often! It is time we do something about it! Imagine how the story might have gone: A stranger tries to abduct my children who cry for help. Several bounding Dobermans come out and scare the abductor away. Or track him down immediately. Statistics show the faster a victim is located the higher the chance of recovering them safely. I teach all my Dobermans to track/trail right away, it is too important to me. Imagine there is a struggle and your Doberman has been trained in personal protection! There is so much peace of mind that comes from owning Dobermans, and even more when they are properly trained! My family is worth too much to me to let them suffer from a violent crime. Protect your family, home and assets with safe ownership of a deterrent breed of dog such as a trained adult Doberman.

We have been very affected by many of the recent tragedies specifically shootings this year. Many of you got a Doberman for home and personal protection, and I want to remind you that just owning a Doberman does deter much crime. More still is deterred when they are trained to bark aggressively on command since it introduces the unknown to the bad guys. They are not as afraid of getting bit as they are of getting caught and of the unknown. If the Dog will bark on command when you tell it to, what else could it do? Our dogs do love us and want to protect us, but like any athlete they do need confidence and training in order to do that job. I want to protect my family for example. But if Mike Tyson shows up swinging his fists, I am looking for an alternative. Now give me 20 years of boxing lessons, training and conditioning and that might even the score a little bit. Your dog wants to protect you as well, but without that training he may not be able to give it. In the moment you need it, you would give anything to have it. Remember the moment to give something for it is now before the situation. Dogs are an important part of a security system, but they are never the whole system. Be sure to reread our suggestion list of other things you need to be doing.

Let us help find you the right Doberman that fits your family, lifestyle and personality, then train them towards your specific goals and desires. We can help you with getting the right Doberman puppy for your needs and enrolling you and your Doberman puppy in our training programs, or we can get you fully trained adult Doberman Pinschers. Often even though the initial investment is higher for a trained adult Doberman, think of the savings of not going through housetraining, cropping ears, puppy chewing stages etc. You get a Doberman that is ready to go and can come in and bond with your family and learn your routine. Most fully trained Doberman Pinschers will fall between 2-3 years of age and can be expected to live 10-12 years. Think of the expense of weekly training for 104 weeks with your Doberman puppy, and the time commitment that takes.

Find what many of our clients have found, that a properly bred Doberman commands respect everywhere it goes. They deter crimes just through ownership, they add a feeling of safety and security to your home. Remember our goal is not to be the policeman, we don't stop criminals per se. We want a properly trained Doberman to be part of your overall security program to make sure you are not the easy target. We want the Doberman to have the proper training for the worst case scenario, but we all pray you never need to use that training outside of practice with us. For a list of references of prominent estates that trust a trained Doberman from Family Dobes to watch over them, please contact us.

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