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Video is best viewed with internet explorer, it sometimes crashes on firefox. If you don't see the video playing be sure to check up near the address bar for "Click here to install ActiveX"

Watch Adorable Doberman puppies live! Watching puppies can be a great substitute for work, or a good pick me up on a bad day :) We hope you enjoy watching Doberman puppies live as much as we do! Information about each litter can be found on our Doberman puppies for sale link, the camera will tell you which litter you are looking at.

Watching Doberman puppies live on video is a great way to see how they interact with their littermates. With a short visit to a breeders home, you only see a small window of how the Doberman Puppies interact in their litter in one small situation. Being able to watch the Doberman puppies live on video twenty four hours a day seven days a week, gives you the most insight to their personalities and temperament. It also gives you the greatest advantage in finding the Doberman puppy that fits your situation the closest. We know you will enjoy watching the Doberman puppies live on our Doberman puppy CAM as much as we enjoy being here with them. You will also get little snippets of my kids coming and going as they come in often to play with the pups or just hold them. They really do get a lot of socialization and preparation for being in a home with children from the time they are very young. The Live Puppy Cam is possibly the greatest tool we have offered our new puppy homes outside of our great support. If you ever see a puppy emergency going on with the Doberman puppies, please call immediately 801-615-0249

If you want to watch feeding time we feed at about 6 AM and 6 PM Mountain time

Will not Display with windows 8.1 unless you manually add and to compatibility view settings. If you are not sure of how to do this check with Microsoft support or  try this link . Also no longer works on ipad and iphone as safari has also locked out the webcam without installing and ipcamera application feel free to email apple and microsoft and ask them to fix this oversight in their programming.

Family Dobes Best Gamble "Zuke" x Family Dobes AR Remington Born 06/22/2015

Tequila Betelges x Family Dobes AR Remington Born 08/19/2015

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