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Doberman Rescue.

Doberman Rescue is a noble and important thing. We at Family Dobes believe that all Dobermans deserve a home where they are loved despite their history or unsure future with the exception of dogs with dangerous temperament issues which I truly believe are best where they can not harm people or other animals. It is important to know that just as adopting a Doberman puppy is not for everyone, Doberman Rescue is not for everyone either. There are some things to consider with rescue dogs, namely your home may not qualify with some rescue organizations, and Histories are not always known, and even when they are, Rescues often come with some baggage that may make them less suitable for novice owners or trainers. Whether you are adopting a puppy or providing a home for a rescue, realize you are making a commitment that may last 12 years or more. You will be responsible for all medical, training, and care costs of this Doberman, and you are responsible for it's quality of life. I often hear people saying they want a Rescue dog because of budget. This is the wrong reason to get a rescue. You may have significant Medical or training expense ahead of you. There are no shortcuts to taking good care of great dogs. The reason to adopt a Doberman Rescue dog, are your passion and desire to help animals in need and you are qualified, with time, space and other resources. Consider Doberman Rescue if you can give a Rescue a great life that is great for both of you, not for any other reason.

The folks that run the Utah Doberman Rescue are not friendly towards me because I am a breeder, and they have often told people untrue or damaging things about me. Such as the temperament of our dogs is bad, or that they all end up in rescues, shelters etc. This is untrue. Talk to the people who have our dogs (the rescue group has not met our dogs) and ask them about the temperament. We also keep track of all of our puppies and their owners to ensure they do not end up in rescue organizations or shelters. When things with a family do not work out, we take our Dobermans back, add some training and help them find forever homes. We are dedicated to that goal, and history proves it. All those things aside, if you are looking for a Doberman Rescue dog, Utah Doberman Rescue has many deserving Dobes looking for forever homes, and despite their attacks on our kennel, we know they love the breed and want these dogs in good homes. You will find their contact information below so you too may consider a rescue dog. Find below contact information for the various Doberman Rescue groups we are aware of. If you would like your Rescue group listed here, please email us. Again we encourage anyone who hears "bad" things about us to come meet us and the dogs and make up your own mind just as did who was told terrible things about us and our dogs at a Doberman show by an American Show Dobe breeder affiliated with the Utah Rescue group.


Great Arizona RescueGroup

The Doberman Rescue Directory

Click on the region in which you want to locate a Doberman Rescue

Go to: Northwest Doberman Rescue Go to: Doberman Rescue of Minnesota
Go to:
Doberman Rescue of Nebraska
Go to: Illinois Doberman Rescue
Go to: Wisconsin Doberman Rescue
Go to: Blue Ridge Doberman Rescue
Go to: Damon's Den Doberman Rescue of Western PA
Go to: Delaware Valley Doberman Pinscher Assistance
Go to: Doberman Rescue Unlimited
Go to: Hand Me Down Dobes
Go to: Distinguished Dobermans Rescue (of Pittsburgh)
Go to: Doberman Assistance, Rescue & Education
Go to: Doberman Pinscher Rescue of Pennsylvania
Go to: Northcoast Doberman Rescue

Go to: Recycled Dobermans Rescue and Referral
Go to: Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue
Go to: Doberman Pinscher Rescue, Fillmore, CA
Go to: Doberman Rescue of Los Angeles
Go to: Dogworks Doberman Rescue
Go to: Las Vegas Doberman Rescue
Go to: Southern California Doberman Pinscher Rescue
Go to: Utah Doberman Rescue
Go to: Brazos Valley Doberman Rescue
Go to: Doberman Rescue Group
Go to: Doberman Rescue of Colorado
Go to: Doberman Rescue of New Mexico
Go to: Doberman Rescue of North Texas
Go to:
Houston Area Doberman Rescue
Go to: Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue
Go to: Kansas City Doberman Rescue
Go to: Caradobe Rescue
Go to: Doberman Pinscher Club of Memphis
Go to:
Doberman Rescue League
Go to: Doberman Rescue of North Carolina
Go to: Doberman Rescue of the Triad
Go to: East Tennessee Doberman Rescue

Go to: Florida Doberman Rescue
Go to: S.P.A.Y.-L.E.E.

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