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Sar Pack
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Recommended items for Canine SAR pack:



The Canine SARTECH™ candidate must be able to show that they have all of the required equipment as listed below.  The equipment that is required to be carried is commonly compiled to form what is referred as a “24-hour ready pack”.  Such a pack holds those items that would allow the carrier to function in a safe, effective and efficient manner as a Canine SARTECH™ during a SAR incident.  Some items may be carried on a belt, in pockets, or strapped to the person.  This equipment should be carried on all incidents in rural or wilderness areas and is considered the minimum amount.  Consult a physician for recommendations about analgesics and other drugs that you may wish to carry in your SAR pack.  Other items required, additional water for handler and canine as well as additional food for hander and canine, will allow the team to be effective for up to 72 hours as required for NIMS Typing.  The additional food and water must be immediately available in the candidate handler’s vehicle. 
Every item on this list must be present for the candidate to pass this evaluation.  There will be no exceptions.
            PERSONAL medications as required
Ten            Acetaminophen, ibuprophen or aspirin 
Four           Antacid tablets
Ten            Antihistamine doses such as 25 mg Benadryl
Six             Antiseptic cleansing pads
One           Antiseptic ointment
Six             Band aids, various sizes
One           Candle, long burning
Two           Cotton swabs, non-sterile
One            Duct tape, 5-10 feet
One            Eye wash bottle (Normal Saline)
One            Eye protection
Ten            Imodium tablets or equivalent
One            Insect repellant
Three         Leaf bags, large
Eight           Matches in waterproof container
One            Moleskin
One            Muzzle or other item to improvise one
One            Plastic bag, zip-locked, quart size for kit
One            Change for two phone calls
Four           Pair of medical exam gloves
One            Razor blade, single edge
Two           Roller gauze bandages
Two           Rolls of 2 inch “Vet” wrap
Four           Safety pins, large
One            Scissors, multipurpose
One            Space type blanket or space type sleeping  bag
One            Splinter forceps, tweezers
Four           Sterile dressings (4x4 gauze pads)
One            Super glue (bottle, tube)
Two           Towelette, clean
One            Whistle
Six             Water purification tabs in sealed container or commercially approved purification device
Two           Water containers, at least liter size, will be carried by the handler.  A total of five gallons will be available for the handler and canine.  (72 hours per NIMS Typing) 
One            Instant cold or heat packs (based on environment)
Four           Bags, various sizes, zip locked
One            Bandana, hanker chief
One            6 foot canine lead
One            Cap or other headgear
Two           Carabineers, locking gate
One            Clothes bag, waterproof
One            Clothing adequate for climate and environment
One            Clothing, extra set, suitable for climate and environment 
Two           Socks, extra pairs 
One            Compass, orienteering 
One            Flagging tape, roll
One            Flashlight or lantern
One            Flashlight extra, extra batteries and bulb (Extra bulb not required for high intensity LED lights.)
One            Footwear, sturdy, adequate for climate
One            Pair gloves, even in summer
One            Grid reader, 1/24000 scale 
One            Food, Canine, one days supply in sealed bag or can, carried in pack.  Total amount available sufficient to last 72 hours per NIMS Typing.
One            Food, Handler, 3700 calories minimum in pack.  Total 9000 calories available. (72 hours per NIMS Typing)
Two           ICS 214 Forms
One            Knife, multi-purpose
One            Lip balm with sunscreen
One            Measuring device, 18-inch minimum
One            Metal cup or pot, 8 oz minimum
One            Nylon twine or small rope, 50 feet
One            Pack, 1800 cubic inches (minimum)
One            Pad and pencil
Two           Prussik slings (suitable for 9mm to 11mm)
One            Rainwear, durable
One            SAR personal identification
One            Shelter material, 8x10 plastic or coated nylon
One            Sunscreen lotion, SPF 15 or higher
One            Package tissue paper or baby wipes (recommended)
One            Tracking stick, minimum 42 inches long
One            Accurate method of telling time  (watch) 
One            Webbing, 1 inch tubular, 15 to 20 feet
One            Wire, 5-10 feet woven steel
Eight           Wire ties, plastic self-locking
One            Foam pad
One            Gaiters, pair
One            Goggles, clear
One            Canine harness with optional bell or light
One            Rain cover, pack
One            Sunglasses, 97% UV protection
One            Trail snack in addition to primary food

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